Everywhere we look we see the changes happening in Fargo. Mostly in the form of orange cones, cranes, and boarded up windows, billboards and for rent signs. Sometimes it’s the empty space where we used to hang or the change to our view of 1st Avenue. Over the last 5 years we’ve watched old become new and sometimes become nothing all of this is making room for new opportunities, now we’re on the rising seas they promised we’d all float up on. I’m seeing that rise in so many people, watching them take charge of their futures and cast into the world new projects and give their energy to their passions. We’ve been apart of this rise, watched it from the time we were just dreamers in the planning stages to this place we are now, we can’t wait for what comes next.

A couple big and notable things happened in 2018 that will shape Fargo for the future. The groundbreaking of a new “skyscraper” downtown, the permit battle for the diversion rages on, potentially opening up acres of land for development, big changes to West Acres and new facilities going up in every industrial park and subdivision in neighborhoods all over town. The rising seas being replaced by orange cones and traffic. Even our favorite coffee shop moved two blocks north to be a part of the first new parking garage/development downtown. What does this all mean and does it even matter? How will this shift affect our friends who do business in Fargo, how will these opportunities help us to justify living through the cold and the wind and the snow. What will our future hold?

3 years into this dream and finally for this year it’s less dreaming and more reality. So we’re focused on cleaning house and keeping it up. Less making bets and more like making beds, counting shirts, organizing our prints and projects, keeping our eyes on what the future holds, events, pop-ups, trips, and adventures (lot and lots). We’ll be checking in with updates often here so bear with us, I’m sure someday I’ll look back on this post and smile at our naivety.

Cheers to big changes and cheers to wherever they take us, either way we’ll be right here, #lostinfargo


Lost in Fargo

Nels Hunstad