Whoa, it's been awhile

It's been a while since we've even looked at our journal! Whoops. 

One of the challenges of being Lost in Fargo is there never seems to be enough time for everything. This year (2018) brings us a new focus on sharing more stories and insight into the Fargo and the awesome culture of this city. Think coffee shops, art, alleyways, rooftops, tacos, and some of our favorite locations to explore. Maybe this will become a place you go to look for tips on what to do or to learn more about what being Lost in Fargo is all about or hear about our newest product.

Either way... Stay tuned, things are going to be getting a lot more interesting.

Shameless plug; catch us at 409 Broadway in Downtown Fargo this Thursday from 10am-2pm for our first pop-up shop of the Summer.



Nels Hunstad