Welcome Home

Welcome to the Lost in Fargo journal, hopefully you'll get a chance to look through this and get to know a little bit about our style, techniques, and hopes and dreams. Lost in Fargo was founded with the goal to provide Fargo residents a way to express the pride they feel for their town and to uncover some hidden beauty along the way. 

Since creating this business we've challenged ourselves to find our way around the city we've called home and live out our mission. Endless coffees, downtown events and long walks by the river have helped us find our identity along the way. Fargo is a city of community, it's the people over everything else that makes this small city unique. You won't find all of the things to do until you truly embrace the people who are striving to make Fargo the best little city in America.

Follow along here to see some of our favorite businesses, events, people, and find out where we're headed next. Welcome Home.

Nels Hunstad